Monday, January 31, 2011

Winter Storm??

Hey all,
As i type this my happy little part of PA is under a winter storm warning for approx. 4-10 inches of snow and quarter to half inch of ice. I am sure by this point in the day people are flocking to the local Wal-Mart for there ideas of necessary supplies. Like there eggs, bread, milk hopefully some rock salt, perhaps another snow shovel(cause you know it seems as though some people horde them or something) also everyone is probably in this massive hurry that they don't need to be in. Now that being said we all know that weather people lately aren't too accurate with there forecasts but you know what a little information to help input on how you prepare for something is better then nothing. One thing i bet some people haven't thought of is what if the power goes out? After all .25" to a .5" of ice is a lot. Its not to hard to imagine that with that extra load plus the snow that supposed to fall tonight and tommorow night that there will probably be power outages so if your new to all of this type of thought processing heres some ideas what to keep on hand.

Some extra blankets
Way to heat water for warm beverage
Batteries for flashlights
Alternate way to heat the house in case you have electric heat (like i do)

The following sound obvious but being in retail for almost 7 yrs you see this a lot
Rock salt or sand
Ice Chopper

If you feel the need to travel during the emergency a simple kit in your vehicle.
Small Shovel
Tire Chains
72 hr kit(if you have one if not you probably should)
Sand or Kitty Litter
Make sure your tank is full of fuel before heading out.
Make sure someone knows your route and where your going so if you fail to arrive they will know something is wrong and get perhaps get help out to you sooner.
Charged Cell Phone or at least keep a car charger handy (common sence goes along way here folks)

Well thats it for now I will post an update to this if we actually do get anything near what was forecast to happen. Be safe out there and be smart. As for the question marks in the title as stated we know how accurate weather people can be LOL.

Be Smart, Be Safe, Be Prepared.

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