Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Rifle Season 2010 :D

Well its less then a week away here in PA I'm more excited then ever. I am hoping for a good season and hopefully end up with some back straps in the freezer, when all is said and done. Spending the week getting my gear together and in order. Checking that my trusty rifle is in good working condition and ready to rock and roll. To all the blood brothers (as Uncle Ted would say) best of luck if your hitting the woods this coming Monday. Also have a happy and safe Thanksgiving enjoy the day with your family as for me I have to work :( so my day is going to suck. But, thats a discussion for another day and another time.

Till next time remember in life you can follow the blazed trail or blaze your own the choice is yours.

Project Pathfiner

For those who read here regularly will notice I am an avid fan of Dave Canterbury and his Pathfinder School. I been doing some thinking about it, I am going to start putting the skills I been learning to use cause applying them makes you learn them more. The big problem I have to over come is finding a personal space where I can go practice and maybe to test shelters by staying a night or two and it not be a problem. Currently working on that and seeing what I can work out. Maybe after a few months of getting into this I may sign up for one of the Pathfinder Home courses. I'm hoping to make the best of this see what I learn and get from it, and maybe in the end it will also make me a better more confident teacher when I teach my Troop Wilderness Survival. The best way to test what you have learned is to teach it to someone else. Any and all progress of course will find a home here on my blog and who knows maybe even You Tube one day time will tell. Well wish me luck and see how this goes.

Until next time remember in life you can follow the blazed trail or blaze your own the choice is yours.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Veterans Day

Just a short quick post, Please take time out of your day today and give a thought and a prayer to all the men and women who serve this great country. Put all the political crap aside and drama that goes on everyday, these men and women are willing to lay down there lives and pay the ultimate sacrifice for you to enjoy this great country we live in. Amen and god speed to all of you serving currently in Turkmenistan and Iraq.

Remember in life don't just follow the trail in front of you but do not be afraid to blaze your own.