Monday, December 12, 2011

Finally getting into Hammock Camping and other things

Hey all,

Well last week I received  and early Christmas present from my girlfriend an ENO Double Nest Hammock. I had been pondering and researching the whole hammock thing for about 2 years now; and to finally have a really good hammock in my hands I'm as giddy as a kid with a new toy. It has open up one big can of worms though lol. I still need a good tarp but maybe Santa has one more trick up his sleeve for me :). Can't wait to get it out and try it and have been told by many members of the site with a few simple modifications I should enjoy it for a long time. Hoping to start doing a bit of bushcrafting and such this coming year and get out and enjoy the woods more then I been.

Speaking of the woods rifle deer season ended just a couple days ago and my season wasn't the greatest saw some sign here and there but alas no backstraps in my freezer this year :( but, there is always next year. The time out in the woods was relaxing and mind clearing as usual. Bad day hunting is always better then a good day at work in my book.

Well Christmas is right around the corner stores are going to be crazy as we head towards the last weekend before Christmas. Most of you know I'm a retail store associate and its been steadily getting crazier with people shopping for those last minute gifts and meal fixings. Just remember because everyone else is rushing around and being crazy you don't have to be. Take your time and enjoy this time a year, the sights and sounds, take time to reflect on the year thats been and think about what the one thats coming and after New Years hit the ground running in 2012. Since Im not sure if I'm going to have time to do it later with the hectic work week I got coming, Merry Christmas to everyone and have a Happy and Safe New Year.

as always Be Smart, Be Safe, and Be Prepared