Thursday, July 15, 2010

Hey all sorry for the long absence

To any of my regular readers out there I know I haven't posted in awhile, life got a bit hectic for awhile. In late April I had a small car accident heading home for an emergency nothing to bad walked away with no injuries but managed to total my truck and take out 12 feet of guard rail. That being said I am now a proud owner and the newest member of the Jeep community =). I been out playing with that and trying to get back to normal yet. I took a few short hikes this summer nothing too drastic just some short ones to get my better half used to hiking and introduce her to the sport. Other then that its been to dang hot to do anything outside right now but atleast in the last few days we got some needed rain.

In the scouting front the boys have been working on Wilderness Survival skills the last few months and this weekend we will see how well they learned and what they remembered. If it goes well they should all end up earning the Wilderness Survival Merit Badge. Hope it ends up being a nice weekend seems like it supposed to be but we all know how well the weather men are these days they call for rain you get a sunny day and vice versa. Well I'll be sure to hopefully post an update sooner then later thanks again for reading and as always.

In a world that keeps on changing, Its nice to know some never have to.