Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy New Year!!!

Hey Everyone, Welcome to the new year hope its off to a great start for everyone out there. With the new year now upon us we all have those pesky things called resolutions to make. Everyone makes about the same ones like lose a few pounds, save money, and the like. Mine I think are a bit different then some perhaps; my biggest goal for this year is to spend more time outdoors. Whether it be a short hike to kill a few hours or maybe camping, the biggest thing I want to start doing is practice my wilderness skills and bush crafting and such. Stated in a previous post known as Project: Pathfinder. By doing this I hope to get out more then I did this year and who knows lose a few pounds too in the process. Also a small goal I would like to accomplish is perhaps control my temper a little better then I do. Those who know me well know that while it does take a lot to set me off once I go off its like a volcano it just keeps going till either something takes my mind off it or I just get cheered up someway or somehow. Lets all hope our year is a fun and successful one as usual thanks for reading hope to have more and better things down the road as the year goes on.

Till next time remember in life you can follow the blazed trail or blaze your own the choice is yours.

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