Wednesday, February 17, 2010

A weekend of winter camping--Introduction

This should prove to be a very interesting weekend its been a while since I have camped in snow and cold. Hoping to not freeze my butt off, but we shall see how that all goes. This weekend my scout troop is going to be doing a bit of tent camping in the cold. I was hoping to maybe have some sort of winter hammock rig put together but time and money not falling into place right thats just not going to happen so I am going to try using a little solo shelter my brother had given me a few years ago. We spent the last month teach the kids a lot of how to stay warm and safe in the cold and how to also enjoy it. After all there are a few pluses to camping in the winter. With the snow pack on the ground theres a whole new meaning to peace and quiet cause of how well the snow absorbs sound and what not. I guess we will see how well the guys all listened and see who starts complaining about the cold first. Im hoping its a fun and educational weekend and as always will report back and let all who read this know how well it went. Oh and the mini pack review I had mentioned from my short day hike its probably not going to happen as I am pretty much going to start getting stuff together for leaving Friday afternoon no biggie was nothing special anyway just threw some stuff together in a hurry.

All  Secure in this sector over and out*

*Im playing around with differant closings if anyone has cared to notice

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