Wednesday, February 10, 2010

A few hours in the woods before the Snow Storm

Well on Monday I went out for a bit of time in the woods took just a short little walk to streach the legs and test out a new bag I got for Christmas. It was a fun day little breezy but kinda warm considering it was about 26* outside. I had originally planned to go out earlier in the day and spend a day out and make a little trail lunch and just get out for a day. being winter I sorta slept in a a few hours later then I wanted too; oh well some time was better then no time. As far as the pack goes that I tried out it was good I may or may not do a write up on it not sure at this time. Still figuring out some ways of tweaking it.

I snapped a few photos and even took a quick little video of a neat waterfall slightly off the trail. Hope to have more posts like this up soon. Perhaps when it gets a bit warmer out  LOL.

Thats all for now take care and remember take sometime and get outdoors and enjoy a bit of nature now and then.

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