Thursday, September 3, 2009

Welcome to the blog i meant to do

Most of you who come to this blog and remeber the political banter that filled this space thats no more Im offically sick of the topic and tired of beating the same dead horse as everyone else is. This is the blog I meant to do a fun relaxing look at the outdoors and being in the outdoors. I chose the new title the Pennsylvania Pathfinder and the final tag line in the descriton to pay homage to Dave Cantebury of the Wilderness Outfitters home of the Pathfinder School. He runs an Wilderness Self-Suffiecntcy school in Ohio but his website and his you tube channel feature loads of great and very useful information. I hope I meet Mr. Cantebury face to face one day he seems like a hell of guy to be around and fun to hang out with. I look forward to bringing some very informative stuff to this page and hope everyone learns something and takes away from it what they want. Im no expert but and am always learning. So as I have in the description; Follow me, Lets learn together.

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