Friday, September 11, 2009

Pausing to reflect on 9/11 the 8th anniversy

Its been said numerous times by numerous people September 11, 2001 started off as plain as any day. It was beautiful early fall day, everyone was of to work or school just like any other day but nobody knew or could even fathom that after this day America would never be the same. I myself was a freshman in High School, was in just getting into my second block class when someone says "Hey man you hear one of the WTC towers was hit by a plane." I was like no no i didn't, you know at first you think well lots of plane traffic around NYC could be an accident. But when the second plane hit the tower 2........then the Pentagon..........we all knew it then things were going to be different very different. We all knew all these events meant war and that someone was going to pay for this, but that was the farthest thing from our minds this day. We all sat and hoped and prayed that everyone would come out safely and naively think that no one was gonna die. Then the first tower after withstanding such a mighty blow finally had to succumb to its wounds and as soon as we say that building give you knew in a flash faster then you can think or blink someones husband, wife, daughter, son, just had there lives snuffed out. The saddest part the fireman who laid their lives on the line running in while others were running out. My heart goes out to the 343 NYFD who never came home and made there final call that day, it also goes out the the NYPD, PAPD, and the innocent men and women who were tragically lost that day.

The biggest thing Ill remember is 9/12/2001, finally this country woke up and realized hey we are all the same there was no more hyphenated Americans, no Republicans no Democrats, Liberals, Conservatives... WE WERE ALL AMERICANS!!!! United and loving everyone and doing things to help your fellow man. But, sadly that feeling has faded and we quickly lapsed back to the bigotry and narrow mindedness that this country always seems to slip into these days. Its sad if ever there was a positive to such a massive negative it was that we learned how to care, how to love, how to show compassion for the fellow citizens in this great land, but that too has faded.

The saddest of all tragedies is I honestly think that 8 years later most people just choose to forget and not care what happened on 9/11. Instead they want to crawl back into the hole where they were on 9/10/2001 thinking nothing could happen. I like most people wish 9/11 never happened, I wish we didn't have to go through such turbulent times, but it happened. We should never forget, always keep the a prayer out for the fallen and the brave men who tried to save them and save the towers. Don't sit there and argue with some irrational idiot on you tube who spouts his BS conspiracy theories. Our country may not be perfect, but I can not think of a place I would rather call home then this great land. So as i sit here with a few tears welling in my eyes watching a couple tribute videos I will bring this special edition of the PA Pathfinder Blog to a close by saying take a moment and say a prayer for the fallen and show you still care and love America and wear something patriotic.

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