Sunday, May 24, 2009

Memorial Day 2009

Well its Memorial Day again, time for us to pause and reflect on what makes this country as great as it is. No matter how bad it gets she is still the greatest nations on earth, nothing can and will change that. During your family BBQ or what every you plan on having please take a moment and pause and think about the men and women who laid down there lives for this country and those who have yet to come home. Lets not forget our current veterans in Iraq and Afghanistan, who are doing their part to keep this nation free for the future generations. Remember Memorial Day was not just meant to have BBQs or get drunk at someones cookout. Its sole reason for being is to MEMORIALIZE and remember just how and why we are the country we are. Never forget that and always keep that in you hearts and minds. In closing God Speed and God Bless America.

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